25 March 2011

{Feature Friday} Jeffrey & Hilda

I met Beth through my blog...this is the beauty of blogs and facebook... you get to meet fabulous people in places all around the world without having to leave your house!! So here is a little about Beth... she is the lovely lady behind the label Jeffrey & Hilda.
Now before you ask.... Geoffrey is her Grandfather's name on her mums' side... and you guessed it... Hilda is her Grandmother's middle name! Beth chose her grandparents names for her business as they have personal meaning to her and also an old-fashioned timeless feel, which Beth feels reflects her style. Personally I love her logo too... the little silhouette of the boy and girl captures that timeless innocent feeling of childhood.

So how did Beth get into designing? Now... this made me chuckle a little as I feel my life has been on fast forward since I had kids!! Don't know how I leave the house with matching shoes some days...  Beth has always been into art and design and once she had her daughter, to fill in time she would make her daughter little singlets. Then when she went out, people would ask where she got them from and she would say she made them! So she pursued her talent and Jeffrey & Hilda was born.

If you have a look at her work, you can see she puts a lot of heart and soul into her designs. They are all original designs from her sketches and ideas. You can see she loves vintage and cute things... how adorable is that owl? Not to mention that giraffe... Have a look more on her facebook page! I asked Beth where she gets her inspiration from and Beth says her mum and her sister inspire her. She also mentioned Shannon from Cuckoo from Coco as someone she admires and takes inspiration from.

So Beth's advice for us? If you are going to succeed, you must be willing to fail. And then when you fail, instead of giving up, take it as a learning curve because failure is when we learn. That's true on so many different levels. But there is a little more to the story behind Beth's advice. When she was 15, Beth was left in a wheelchair, unable to walk after a serious car accident. Beth believes it was her attitude and support from her family that helped her walk again, and even now when she has to overcome ongoing health issues, her attitude and determination help her through. Beth tries to apply this to other parts of her life such as relationships and her business.

I don't know about you, but I love Jeffrey&Hilda, and am particularly fond of Beth... there is something in her spirit that comes through her emails, facebook and blog. Which reminds me.... you must head over to her blog and show some love by leaving a comment! Pop onto her facebook page too and say hi!
Happy Feature Friday everyone!


  1. Thats a nice warm & fuzzy! I LOVE Beth and she has been a wonderful mentor & inspiration for me & my business NuNu Baby x x

  2. I was already a fan - but now more so than ever xx


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