19 March 2011

Personalised cupcake toppers

New to Jamosie Sweet's shop!!!! 
(those are my two babies on the cupcake topper)
Personalise your cupcakes with hand-made paper toppers. Don't waste money on buying punches, cutters and papers you will only use once, just send us a picture and we will do the hard work for you! 

1. Choose your style: scalloped edges, circles, rectangles, squares, scalloped rectangles
2. Choose your background: patterns, plain colours, pearlised papers, textured papers... it's endless.
3. Add your pictures and messages... whatever you can imagine. Need inspiration? Ask me. 

Why not put together a series of pictures from across the ages for an anniversary.... from when they met when they were young, marriage, kids... all the big events in their lives.... to where they are now. 

Remind each other of your special day with photos from your wedding....

Engagements.... photos of you through the times... or from a special engagement shoot...

Baby showers.... ultra scans and 3d scans make original toppers!

Birthdays.... 1 picture from each year... to create a little timeline....

We can stick little embellishments on top like numbers for anniversaries and ages, or letters for couples and names.... and butterflies, hearts, pearls,.... whatever we can find! 

Ideas are endless. Every order is original as everyone is unique with different ideas. We make sets of 12 for 10$. Postage $2- $5 depending on amount of toppers ordered. No extra charges for personalisation. Orders need to be placed at least 2 weeks before event. 

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