5 March 2011

Feature Friday: Madd Lola!

This weeks 'Feature Friday' spotlight is on April Styles and her fabulous accessory store, Madd Lola.
April (pictured below) is the beautiful and creative genius behind these gorgeous designs, a Canadian-born Aussie, living in Port Macquarie.  Like many of us women behind these facebook business pages, April started her own business Madd Lola after her babies came along, inspired by the desire to stay at home with her babies AND work: a combination we all know is not easy. But, our children seem to give us the energy and vision to go that extra mile in making their life better. 

If you've chatted with April, you will feel her vibe... she is sweet, friendly and energetic... passionate about her babies and her business. Her accessories are absolutely gorgeous, you can see her personality and passion in her work.  April takes her accessory styling inspiration from unforgettable glamorous women with her 2nd collection based on Marie Antoinette. You must check out her gorgeous designs. They are absolutely stunning! I ♥ all the colours.
Before motherhood, April managed a gym, but motherhood can be a life changing experience, opening your heart and mind to all sorts of things you never would have dreamed of. April's advice for other women out there? Follow your heart and what you feel is right for you. And it's so true. We are always happiest when we are doing what we love, no matter what it is. 
You can order Madd Lola accessories from April's website.
Go and 'like' Madd Lola on facebook! Check out her beautiful pictures and stay tuned for her fabulous competitions. I can't wait to see her 3rd collection!


  1. I love these photos, and April's advice for women, to do what you love! :)

  2. Hi Laura, so true isn't it. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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