11 March 2011

Feature Friday: Belle Bazaar

Feature Friday time!! Meet the lovely Jess from the Belle Bazaar Blogzine! I asked her a few questions so I could write a little article about her, and found myself thinking... how fabulous... she does everything she loves!

Jess is a mum to a little boy and like many of us, has experienced change with the beginning of motherhood. Jess has always loved to write, acting out her own scripts for neighbours. After the birth of her baby boy, she found herself spending a lot of time on face book, and soon realised she could start her own blog! And so, the Belle Bazaar Blogzine was born! Full of all the things she loves of course.

Jess takes her inspiration from all the things going on around her. When her friend got married she wrote about weddings, and when her other friend moved house she wrote about home wares. You must check out her blog, it really is full of beautiful things.

Jess also dabbled in a little craft but soon realised she was better at organising than crafting and so the Twilight markets at Mt Gravatt were born!

Like her blog, the markets will be full of beautiful things... not just baby stuff.. but beautiful food, home wares, gifts... all those fabulous things that make for a fabulous shopping experience!

Jess is also about to open her shop in Mt Gravatt, in line with the beautiful theme of the markets and will stock quirky and beautiful things.  Her shop will also feature a little play area for the kiddies to play in while mum looks around without having to worry if baby is pulling down that rack of ear rings, or knocking over those porcelain vases (don't we know THAT feeling).

Jess's advice to us women? Give it a go! Stop talking about it, and wondering if it will work or not, or what people will think. Jess says she has tried lots of things and all have them have mattered, leading her to where she is today, doing exactly what she loves. It's not about making money, it's about being happy, and if you love something so much that you push yourself a little further, you just never know where you might end up!

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