7 April 2011

Feature Friday: Suzy Q's designs.

By chance, our previous 'Feature Fridays' have all been Aussies, but this week our Feature Friday turns international with a quick trip across the shores! Susan Hesser is our talented lady this week... with her creative jewellery business SuzyQ's designs...and has a very interesting story to tell!

Susan grew up with her father in the military so she has travelled around a lot! She now lives in Korea as this is where she has spent most of her time so she feels an affinity for the country. I can understand why. Korean people are some of the kindest, funniest and friendliest people I have ever met! So all the different cultures, foods, languages and experiences she has had travelling and living in other countries is the inspiration behind her jewellery designs. Then of course, she goes with her heart and feelings and chooses colours and textures on how she feels on particular days - a true artist.
Susan's 8-5 job is on the military base so how do you go from being on a military base to making beautiful jewellery?? A lady saw some of her work and suggested she make her jewellery to sell, so she started making custom orders for her friends and family in the U.S and it went from there! She is about to release a line for MEN! Can't wait for the pics!
Susan has a younger sister and together they do their thing... jewellery and paper craft! They recently got together to make and sell their items for a charity concert to raise money for people in Japan. They helped the charity event raise over $3500! Very very cool!
Before you ask, Susan said she loves animals and has a pet dog Frosty and a pet cat but to be honest I didn't think twice about it, until I saw this picture on her facebook page.... how cute is Yumi the cat!!! Too cute. Chillaxin' with a drink of water.
Susan's advice for others? No matter what you do in life, people will judge you and try to bring you down. You've got to remind yourself that you're awesome, you're fabulous and you're beautiful!!

Very sweet advice.

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  1. How incredible! Love learning about how others are inspired..and how interesting their lives are! Loving Feature Fridays xx


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