22 April 2011

Vintage Yellow Wedding Cake

A while ago I came across a post on the 'Love My Dress' blog about a real vintage inspired wedding where the bride wore.... mustard yellow! You can read the original post here... it's definitely worth a look as the pictures are stunning! Not just from that post either, the whole blog is stunning!! But two things struck me... the colour... and the cake! Usually when you think of wedding colours, mustard yellow is NOT the colour that pops into your head, but this funky London girl pulled it off and this shade of yellow has since become a favourite of mine...slowly but surely making it's way onto my cakes. Here are some gorgeous pics from Love My Dress...

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this map rose

The other thing about this wedding that struck me was the cake! Usually wedding cakes are almost too pretty to eat with life like flowers and perfectly smooth tasteless icing... but this cake was a series of square cakes with icing that looked like someone had forgotten to go over the 'crumb' layer! But I immediately LOVED it when I saw it! It's so cute with the bright yellow flags and vintage birds.... and I it looks like it tasted so yummy... fresh butter cream and soft home made cake... nothing plastic and tasteless, just gorgeous cake.

This wedding inspired me to make my own rustic vintage cake... no fancy icing... just pure buttercream... on a home made almond sponge....with a bit of cherry jam in the middle... and some vintage flowers of course!!
 Sugar paste roses inspired by fabric rose/peonies...
 A little vintage sign of course...
 ...and pearls....
.... and the delicious part.... cherry jam inside!! 
Told ya our cakes are Pretty Delicious!! :)

Origin of photos: The first 5 photos in this post originate from the 'Love my Dress' Blog and are not the work of Janelle@Jamosie Sweet.  The photos of the vintage yellow cake are Jamosie Sweet's work (I am obviously NOT a professional photographer!! ) :)


  1. All photos is good!To be married by the person you love the most is the greatest blessing God can give.

  2. A wonderful display of cake, i loved the style of the website, you have displayed it beautifully.

  3. wow.. i like the whole arrangement..marrige with the person we love the most is the blessing from gog.. i am happy for u .. and i like A little vintage sign of course..

  4. How Much will my Wedding Cake Cost? is a very valid question for anyone planning a wedding. Well this is lovely! cake!


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