Jamosie is a word we made to describe our family... a blend of Jamaica and Aussie, spelt 'osie'... my husband is from Jamaica and I am from Australia... and our kids were born everywhere from Jamaica to the UK to Australia!

All recipes posted on my blog are tried and tested. I only post recipes I know that work and definitely taste good! I believe food that is whole and fresh is best for us and tastes better anyway! Cupcakes are not the healthiest food, so I am always on a quest to make them healthier yet still absolutely delicious to eat and pretty to look at. 

Since I was very young I have been sensitive to different foods.... eggs, cheese, milk, tomatoes, gluten, nuts... but never really suffered until my 20's. I found I have a food sensitivity to Salycilates which goes beyond food and into skin care, shampoo, dishwashing liquids... so I have to manage my intolerance with diet and watch what I put on my skin.  I don't believe you should have to give up everything that is good just because you have a food allergy or intolerance.

So now we are based on the Gold Coast, Australia. If you live local you can order cupcakes from my website or see us at local markets for taste tests! Follow us on Facebook for market locations and dates.

Living in Australia? You can find my hand made toppers in my Etsy shop, posted Australia wide. Simply make your own cupcakes, lots of recipes and instructions are on my blog.... and then pop our toppers on top!

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