6 July 2011

Kids Cupcake Classes

We launched our kids cupcakes classes this week on the Gold Coast. This is our little group at Gov's Espresso, this great cafe with a backyard space out the back which includes a huge sandpit! The kids love it! So mums can grab a coffee and relax before or after the class.Or have a browse through the fabulous vintage and chic furniture they have. 

The first theme was 'beach' cupcakes. Here are the ones I made. 

I have specially designed the class for the kids, to give them a chance to be creative and develop their kinaesthetic skills. The older kids (6 and up) can do most of it with just my instructions. The little ones can do it too but benefit with the help of their adult (mum, dad, gran, aunt). So they are a great activity to do together. So here are the rest of the pics, cupcakes made by kids aged from 3 to 11! How well did they do!

If you're on the coast, our classes run every Tuesday at Gov's Espresso, which is on the south bound side of the Gold Coast Highway at Mermaid Beach. They cost 20$, you take home 6 cupcakes and they run for the hour, starting at 11am. 
New themes coming each week, book your place online www.jamosiesweet.com

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