31 May 2011

Party Idea: Marshmallows dipped in chocolate!

So my babies turned 2 and 4 over the weekend and we had a BBQ in the park to celebrate their first birthdays in Australia!
Between markets and supply teaching I totally ran out of time to make a lot of food.... I even bought ready made sausage rolls (gasp!) but I did manage to get these cute little marshmallows done and they ended up being the party hit! The kids and adults loved them! And best of all, the don't break your budget!

They look soooo cute as a table centrepiece and you can do any colour to match any theme! Ralie had a Dora Dora theme, so everything was pink and purple!

You need:
1 pack of Cole's budget brand marshmallows (they are nice and big)
1 block of white cooking chocolate (Supermarket brands are good quality)
oil based food colouring, usually comes in a powder form (abut $3.00 from Spotlight or online cake decorating stores)
sprinkles (Woolies has boxes for $2.00 each, the same boxes are $5 each in Spotlight)
kebab sticks ($3.00 from supermarket)
something to poke kebab sticks in: foam pieces, glasses filled with flour

1. Melt chocolate over double boiler and add colour to chocolate, then put into flat bowl or plate with high edges so it doesn't run out
2. Poke marshmallows onto skewers
3. Roll though the melted chocolate and then shake the sprinkles over the marshmallow, turning the skewer around so the marshmallow is covered evenly.
4. Stand upright in foam or glasses to dry overnight.
5. As you can see, I stuck mine in a piece of foam and then in a cookie tin, but they were a nightmare and kept falling over in the car and blowing over in the wind. Lucky they are pretty hardy. I would actually put them in a glass or vase, so they present like edible flowers.

Don't forget you can make these for boys! Woolies and Coles stock big containers of blue and green dinosaur sprinkles for about $5 which is fab-u-lous value, and they look great on orange, blue and green shades!
Have fun!

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