19 September 2011

{Tutorial} Spider web cupcakes

This is one of the easiest and most fun things to do with cupcakes and the kids! 
Grab a packet cake mix, and make a batch of cupcakes. 

Ice the cupcakes with chocolate or vanilla frosting. 
Cut a tiny 2-3 mm hole in the corner of the icing bag. 

Then draw a little dot in the middle. 
Draw another two circles around the middle dot, like my son did in the picture below. 

Starting in the middle, drag the toothpick out to the edges, so that cupcake looks divided in half. 
You must do it from the middle though. 

Then drag it across, and then across on the diagonal, like you are writing an asterisk. 

Reverse the chocolate and vanilla to get really cool effects.

What kind of Halloween is it without a tiny pink flowery spider??

Have fun cupcake decorating with the kids!

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