10 June 2011

{Feature Friday} Little Tots Frilly Bots!

So it's been a while since I did a Feature Friday article.... and this week I thought it was time to get on with it! So this week, I have for you... another fabulous business on facebook... Little Tots Frilly Bots! Now if you can't work it out from the title, this business is all about nappy covers for babies!

Now I wish I had access to these when my rug rats were babies because they are so adorable! I can remember looking for nappy covers when my boy was born in 2007 and all I could find was bright colour expensive cloth nappy covers! How cute is this jungle one?? It has purple ruffles on the back to match those adorable elephants with pink flowers on their ears.

So who is behind all these cute covers then?? Meet Jen. Like me, Jen found it hard to find nappy covers after her little girl was born. So she got sewing, and created her own line of nappy covers that met all her needs and wants: something frilly, something versatile, something light and something inexpensive. All her nappy covers are only 15$ including postage! Gotta love this one with ice-creams...

Now Jen must obviously have a creative streak in her, because all she makes is nappy covers, but there are so many. You have to take a peak at her facebook page... I tried to pick my favourite ones and had to stop myself from picking them all! There are a huge range of designs for boys...one of these covers is even Christmas themed!!

...and Jen does custom orders as well. Check out these next ones....these are my favourite... you know I am a sucker for vintage pink roses....

...and I can't NOT put a cupcake nappy cover in!! Come on! ;)

So how does Jen make all these and stay home with the kids? They motivate her to make her business grow so she can stay home with them. Easier said than done... this-stay-at-home-with-kids gig is difficult.... I'm only even writing this post because the rug rats are in day care today!! But to work from home as well, it's a tough job!  These little creatures we all love so much are hard work!! Love this, my son, now 4, still sleeps like this!

Jen also says we shouldn't just follow our dreams... we should chase them! Never give up, anything is possible if you truly want it to be. I agree. I love writing my Feature Fridays, the replies I get always inspire me to keep going too. It can be a lonely spot at home with little ones, thank god we have facebook, blogging and twitter to connect us all!! So on that note, check out Jen's Little Tots page and say hi!

Have a good Friday everyone!

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