14 October 2010

My favourite photo

I kept seeing everyone posting on twitter #mygallery and couldn't work out what was going on! so I asked @mariannewhooley and found the origin of all the beautiful photo posts... stickyfingers1.blogspot.com

So without further ado, here is my contribution to this week's gallery... my favourite photo...

This is my favourite picture EVER. My DH snapped it. This was the first time I met my baby girl Aralia Rose. I was coming out of Anesthesia after a C-section.
She had been sucking on DH's finger for an hour and a half, waiting for me to come round.

This is my second favourite of all time, my two rugrats sitting on the verandah at our house in Australia. It was the first time she started laughing... and they havn't stopped since. They have that special sibling relationship and when they giggle, they go into thier secret sibling world.

Aralia Rose's feet... she let me paint her toe nails. I love her baby feet.

Quarrian in the summer of '10 after eating an icecream, then complained the sun was too bright.

Back in the day 2008... I was putting the clothes on the radiator to dry (see in background ha ha) and I caught this on my phone... little Q (18 mths looking up at big brother). Didn't last for long, I think he then drew on Brandon's homework and ran off to cause trouble somewhere else. Nothing's changed.

and last of all... this one... Ralie loves Xavier. She always asks him to pick her up and hugs him but as you can see, she is too heavy for him but he picks her up anyways because he adores her as much as she adores him.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed a sqiz at my kiddies. xo


  1. Lovely photos, gorgeous kids and happy happy memories, I adore your blog and tweeted your fairy cake post below earlier to ladies talking of cake stands, they are delectable

  2. Those photo's are gorgeous! I love the one with you and Aralia Rose, and the one of the two of them smiling is beautiful!

  3. Oh what gorgeous photos.....I love chubby babies feet too. The first one brought tears to my eyes...such a beautiful moment. :0)

  4. Lovely pics. Beautiful people. Thanks for posting them for all 2 c.

  5. Lovely pics. Beautiful people. Thanks for posting them for all 2 c. Love u.

  6. Oh these are ALL SO PERFECT!!! Gorgeous xxx


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