22 October 2010

How to make ice-creams from gum paste

 10 easy steps to making ice-creams out of gum paste!!

Make the colour for the cone, use flesh or chestnut gel to get that light brown colour, and any colour for the ice cream. I used a bit of ruby to get that 'strawberry' red colour.

Dust the inside of the mould with icing sugar. I use a paint brush so I don't get icing sugar all over the place. The packets never seem to open neatly.

Shake excess sugar out so the inside of the mould is coated evenly.

Roll a small ball of gum paste nice and smooth so when you press it into the mould it goes in easily and takes a clear impression of the pattern.
LESS IS MORE is a good rule to follow here.

Press it into the 'cone' part only, leaving room for the other colour to form the top ice-cream part.

Wipe a tiny bit of edible glue on the top of the gum paste where the 'ice-cream' will meet the 'cone'. be careful not to get it on the mould as this will stop it coming out clean.

Press them in together.

The ice-cream should pop out easily if you dusted the mould with icing sugar. In the pictures below you can see a purple ice cream i made and it's slightly disfigured compared to the other ones. It got a bit stuck and when I pulled it out it twisted and lost some of it's shape and detail. :(

You can change the 'ice-cream' colour to give the feel of different flavours. I used lemon-lime gel to get that lemon sorbet appearance and grape gel for that dark bubble gum or blueberry appearance.  Let them dry for an hour or so, so they are easier to handle and use for decorating. Dust with a bit of Lustre Dust to give them an irresistible sparkle and you're done! They are so tiny and cute!

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